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Voluntary Benefits Magazine is the only magazine completely dedicated to worksite products and voluntary insurance. VBM is dedicated to educating brokers, agents and other insurance professionals in the latest news and trends affecting voluntary benefits and your total rewards program.

Why advertise with Voluntary Benefits Magazine?

  • Almost 70 percent of Americans search for medical information online
  • An estimated one-third of employers look for their health insurance options on the internet, and this number is growing.
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  • Over 80 percent of insurance agents gather information about mini-medical, limited medical and worksite plans online through the internet.
  • Over 113 million Americans search for health information online
  • The majority of Americans gather information on news through online websites and not through print media.
What Voluntary Benefits Magazine can offer

  • Reach you target market and get more “bang” for your buck through the of the reduced costs of online advertising
  • Get your brand in front of insurance agents, MGA’s, employers, insurance carriers, governments, unions, vendors, and other industry participants.
  • Educate the world on the solutions your organization provides and why your organization is unique.
  • Maximize your message with our outreach of over 1.5 million industry professionals.

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Editorial Guidelines for Submission of Articles

  • Articles must be original and must not have been published previously or be under consideration by another publication.
  • Advertorial, commercial or promotional articles will not be accepted. While we appreciate cutting-edge articles on topics featuring new ideas concepts, our readers wish to be educated, not sold. Articles cannot be an advertisement, promotional material, press release or include excessive self-promotion. Only articles that are educational and informative in nature will be considered.
  • You may include a 50-word bio with your article where you can “sell” your company. Please include the company/personal bio at the end of the article. Do not send a separate bio or resume.
  • Please include a high-quality digital picture (headshot) with your article and a bio when you submit your article.
  • Charts, graphs and other graphics can be included. Please send any images separately from the document. Any image files should be print ready with a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Articles should range from 1,000-2,000 words.
  • If you would like to include your resources, citations or works cited in your article, please place them just after the article but before your bio.
  • Provide a suggested title for your article.
  • Articles submitted must be the final draft, no rough drafts please. Please do not leave “Track Changes” on the document or send the document with edits or comments.

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