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Health Care Reform Creates Potential Coverage Gap for Working American

June 4th, 2010 No comments

Message from Aetna SRC:

“Since 2005, SRC, an Aetna Company, has focused on meeting the benefits needs of a deserving, but underserved segment of the American workforce — workers in hourly, part time, seasonal, and temporary staffing positions. While we remain committed to serving this market, we are very concerned that the new health care reform legislation is creating a gap in health coverage for the people who have our affordable health care products today.

Although not the intention of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, new annual dollar limit rules could effectively result in the loss of coverage for over a million members of limited benefit medical plans by effectively pricing those plans out of reach — long before new subsidies and other coverage options arrive in 2014. We need your support in making sure that this does not happen.

Any day now, the Department of Health & Human Services will be issuing a proposed regulation that defines an acceptable “restricted annual limit on the dollar value of benefits.” Without an immediate groundswell of appeal, it is likely that HHS will issue this regulation in the form of an Interim Final Regulation (“IFR”), which means that the public will not have a meaningful chance to comment.

How You Can Help

It is urgent that we all contact the Secretary of HHS, the Department of Labor, and our elected officials in order to have our voices heard in Washington, DC. We ask that you please support our effort for temporarily excluding grandfathered group limited medical benefit plans from the annual benefit limit provisions until 2014, when other provisions of the health care reform law will increase the coverage options available for these employees and their families.

You can use the links below to quickly create a response on this issue, or you can craft your own correspondence. We only ask that you take an action quickly if you share our concerns.

Regardless of the outcome of this effort, please rest assured that we remain committed to serving the benefit needs of this population of working Americans. We are also committed to bringing new and innovative solutions to market that address the evolving landscape of the national health care market.

Thanks for your support in protecting the right to affordable health coverage now!”

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