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AmWINS Group Benefits


AmWINS Group Benefits

Group Eligibility

AGB can accommodate group and individual limited medical (down to one life with no maximum group size)

State Eligibility

46 states available

Product / Services

Group / Individual

Group and Individual Limited Medical as well as SCA Contractor Benefit Plans

Additional Information

AGB is a leading national wholesale broker of comprehensive group insurance programs and services. Our mission is to provide benefit professionals with the tools they need to solve complex issues.  AmWINS Group Benefits, headquartered in Warwick, RI, is composed of five operating companies that focus on a diverse group of benefit solutions including: retiree medical, limited medical, short term medical, pharmacy benefit management and stop loss. 

HealthWINS limited medical plans allow employers to provide insurance for a greater range of employees.  Our plans are ideal for businesses in industries that are known for part-time schedules, low entry wage earners or high turnover.  Finding an option that works for these types of employees means identifying plans that are low-cost for both the employer and employee and assist in first dollar coverage like doctor’s office visits, diagnostics and x-rays, surgical benefits, accident coverage and hospital benefits.

In addition, we can assist in serving Government Service Contractors and Davis Bacon Contractors by reducing labor costs and increasing profitability by a minimum of $1,000 per employee/year by providing a proprietary solution developed by C1Benefits and Transamerica to manage the Health and Welfare obligation as well as special programs for Trucking, security guards and more.