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Nightingale is a health advocacy service. Based in the Philadelphia metro region, we are equipped to manage cases in the United States as well as overseas. Our experienced nurse case managers pick up where insurance carriers and human resource departments leave off. We maintain copies of benefit plan documents and help plan participants interpret and utilize their coverage properly. Our nurses direct your insured’s to alternative treatment options when appropriate and assist with completion of insurance forms. We negotiate with providers to reduce bill balances that are the responsibility of the insured. We maintain a continually growing network of resources to assist us in our efforts.

Employees who utilize our service will optimize benefits available and have a place to go for additional help when coverage for medical necessities is limited. Our service reduces phone and email traffic from employees to your HR department .Nightingale is invaluable to companies who do not have an in house human resources department. Individual consumers contract with us on a fee for service basis and employers can access a low per member per month program to make available to their employees.
Web links for employer sites and private labeling of our program as well as kiosk access for large groups are standard service features. We observe HIPPA privacy protection mandates while tracking and trending employee utilization and quantifying claims dollars saved which are reported on a regular basis.  
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