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Health Advocate, Inc.


Health Advocate, Inc.

Group Eligibility

Unlimited. Health Advocate serves groups of all sizes and industries

State Eligibility

Health Advocate is a national company and available in all states

Product / Services

Health Advocate, Inc. offers a spectrum of Advocacy, Wellness, Pricing Decision Support and Human Resources solutions to help employers and their employees and families save time and money. Additionally, the company has a direct-to-consumer service called Health Proponent for individuals who are not part of a group.

Group / Individual

Health Advocate is available to employers and other plan sponsors. Health Proponent, its direct-to-consumer division, is available to individuals who are not part of a group.

Additional Information

Health Advocate, Inc., the nation’s leading healthcare advocacy and assistance company, serves millions of Americans nationwide through its more than 4,300 client relationships. Since our founding in 2001, we have been helping members navigate the healthcare system through our full spectrum of time- and money-saving solutions.

Our core advocacy solution is centered around our team of Personal Health Advocates, typically registered nurses, and supported by Medical Directors and benefits specialists.  Our highly personalized services range from addressing a host of clinical and insurance issues to providing one-on-one support for improving health and well-being. Coverage extends to the member, spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law.

As a complement to our core advocacy solution, we offer additional solutions for both employees and employers that include Wellness Advocate; Benefits Integrator; Enrollment Advocate; FMLA Assistance and Independent Appeals Administration.

Health Advocate's programs offer medical cost-savings for clients and members alike, increased productivity for employers, enhanced customer loyalty for health plans, a better healthcare experience for members, and for employees to improve their health and well-being.


1. Employer/Plan Sponsor Services

A. Core Advocacy Service
Personal Health Advocates, typically registered nurses, supported by medical directors and benefits and claims specialists help members with :

Clinical Support. Finds doctors; obtains second opinions; research treatments; schedule appointments with specialists
Administrative Support. Help resolve insurance claims; correct billing mistakes; navigate within an insurance company
Healthcare Coaching. Prepares employees for doctor visits; informs about medical tests, treatments; explains complex conditions
Information and Resource Support. Assists with eldercare; Medicare issues; arranges wellness services and transportation

B.  Complementary Solutions
Health Advocate offers integrated wellness and HR solutions for an additional charge that complement our core advocacy program.

Wellness Advocate.  Personal Wellness Coach, Health Risk Assessment (HRA), Personal Health Record (PHR), trusted health information, interactive health assessment tools
FMLA Support.  Protects from invalid claims; provides necessary medical information; complies with government privacy regulations.
Enrollment Advocate.  Answers employees’ questions about health plan options during annual open enrollment.
Benefits Integrator. A stand-alone set of solutions to streamline and better coordinate access to an organization’s various benefits.
Independent Appeals Administration. Objective assistance with appeals decisions to support plan sponsors who have responsibility for overseeing their self-funded health plans.
MAX Fee Negotiator™. Post-claim service using a proprietary fee benchmarking databases, a Quick Pay Provider Fund and other enhanced features to negotiate medical or dental bills

2.  Health Proponent, a division of Health Advocate, offers direct-to-consumer core advocacy and medical or dental bill negotiation services to individuals who are not part of a group.