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TransEngen, Inc.


TransEngen, Inc.

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PayerEngen - A real time eligibility verification and claim adjudication platform Revenue Maximizer - A real time eligibility verification, patient responsibility calculator and payment processing system HelpEngen - Web Based System helping providers and financial counselors to efficiently identify, screen and enroll patients in appropriate federal, state, and patient-specific benefit programs. PepEngen - Pharmacy eCommerce Program - Offers customized solutions for pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, mail order facilities and disease management call centers

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Founded in 2006 by a team of senior healthcare management professionals, TransEngen has developed a technologically advanced and integrated platform capable of processing both healthcare and financial transactions. This platform – called “the TransEngen” – provides the end-to-end connectivity between payers, providers and consumers that drive efficiencies to reduce costs, streamline payments, and reduce provider collection efforts for patient self-pay responsibilities. With solutions directed at both payers and providers, TransEngen is leading the transformation of the healthcare payments process; creating valuable new functionality at nearly every transaction stage of the process and delivering real-time information at the point of care.